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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the sacco?

Download the membership application form on the link below, attach your passport photo and copy of ID. Applocation Form Download

How will I know the account is opened?

An SMS notification with your member number shall be sent to your phone within 48 Hours.

Is there a joining fee?

Yes, one-off fee of Kes.1,000.

what is the monthly minimum contribution?

The Minimum Monthly Contribution is Kes.2,500 and holiday savings 500.

What is share capital?

The share capital is the core capital of the Sacco. Each and every member is mandated to purchase minimum shareholding of 200 shares each share is 100/= equal to Kes 20,000/=.

For How long do I need to purchase share capital?

A member should meet the minimum shareholding within 10 months from date of joining and should contribute a minimum of Kes.2000 per month.

Is share capital refundable on exit?

The share capital is non-refundable and is only transferable to an existing Sacco member or sold to a Sacco member when you cease being a member. A member may opt to keep the shares as an investment and continue earning dividends.

Once I become a member can I introduce my spouse and children to join the sacco?

Yes, you may introduce your spouse and children above 18 years to join the Sacco.

Do I get a return on shares capital, deposits and holiday savings?

The returns are earned at the end of every financial year according to Sacco’s performance.

Do I incur withholding tax on interest earned and dividends earned?

Yes, 5% withholding Tax except for holiday savings interest earned.

Will I continue being a member if I change my employer?

Yes, you can continue with your membership and continue monthly savings while servicing any existing loans.

Will I continue being a member if I change my employer?

Yes, you can continue with your membership and continue monthly savings while servicing any existing loans.

How do I make my month contribution?

Deductions are done centrally on pay day, bank standing order and mpesa pay bill.

How do I benefit being a member of the sacco?

Save and access affordable loans at only 1% p.m., negotiated discounts through our vendors, Projects by the Sacco, among many other benefits.

How else do I benefit?

You get Rebates on Savings and Dividends on your Shares annually.

How do I keep track of my account?

We have a vibrant portal Portal Login where you can check your statement and interact with us anytime! Also, Mobile app both on Play Store and App Store.

Loan Eligibility

For how long should I save in order to qualify for a loan

You need to save consistently for at least 6 months in Deposits to qualify for long term loans & 3 months for short term loans (Holiday advance and Karibu facility).

Can I top up my savings to qualify for a bigger loan?

Yes. If you deposit a lump sum higher than your current monthly savings, you will need to wait for at least 3 Months in order to qualify for a loan.

How long do you take to process a loan?

This varies on the type of loan a member is borrowing: The processing period for Holiday advance and Okoa Salo is the same day if request is received by 12:00pm, while other facilities are disbursed within 48hrs.

What type of security do you need when applying for a sacco loan?

You need to have a Guarantor if borrowing over and above your savings.

What documentation do I need when applying for a loan?

Filled loan application form and most recent payslip. Loan form: Form Download

When is my first loan repayment due?

Loan disbursed on or before 15th are recovered the same month, while loans disbursed after 15th are recovered the next month.

When do loan repayment collection occur?

Centrally on pay day.

How many guarantors do I need to guarantee my loan?

You may have one or more guarantors although the loan MUST be fully Guaranteed.

What is the saving ratio to borrowing ratio?

The ratio is 1:3, meaning your total Sacco loans should not exceed 3 times of your savings.

Can I pay my loan in lump sum and would I be charged extra?

Yes, you can pay your loan in lumpsum repayment/s anytime. We do not penalize you for fast tracking your loan repayment.

If a guarantee another member, am I illegible to borrow a loan?

Yes, you can borrow a loan as the maximum you can guarantee is up to 3 times your total savings.

What is my liability as a guarantor?

Your liability as a guarantor reduces as the loanee pays the loan and this is accessible to you via member portal Portal Login

Can I change my next of kin?

Yes, you can by filling in a next of kin update form downloadable from the website; Download

What is the process of terminating membership from the sacco?

The notice period is 60 days to enable the Sacco align your account i.e. If you had guaranteed another member, they will need to find replacements in order to release you. In case of any other query, feel free to reach us on;

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